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Bill More Hours
Automate your invoicing and time tracking so you can
spend more time on the billable work.

Invoicing Made Easy
Automatically generate invoices based on your tracked time.

No more math. No more manually updating your invoice template every month.

Automate Your Freelancing
Track your time in one click.

Manage all your clients in one place. No more frantically trying to keep your spreadsheets up-to-date.
Send Reports With Confidence
Easily see how many hours you worked per week, per client, or per project. Slice and dice your data however you see fit.
Meet Every Deadline
Stay on top of your projects with better reporting, insights, and reminders. Improve relationships and retain your clients longer.
Unlimited Support
Have a question? Ask away!

Feedback or features you wish existed? We will build 'em!
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"I love the fact that I'm never going to track my hours in a spreadsheet ever again."

Save time. Bill more hours.